Terms and Conditions

Cuppa Time Participation Terms & Conditions

Cuppa Time is organised by Dementia & Alzheimer's Australia Limited (Dementia Australia). By registering to host a Cuppa time event (collective the Events and Individually the Event), you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

I understand and agree that: 

  1. The decision to hold a fundraising event is entirely my own and I accept all risks associated with the event, including but not limited to the safety of participants. 
  2. It is my responsibility to comply with all the relevant legislative requirements, including following WH&S requirements and obtaining the appropriate permits, licences and insurance where necessary. I can speak to the fundraising team at Dementia Australia if I need assistance. 
  3. Any Dementia Australia intellectual property, including the Dementia Australia logo and name or other branded materials, shall only be used with prior written authorisation and must be sought in each circumstance. 
  4. Any public announcement, statement or media release in any form or on any platform that mentions participation in Dementia Australia related activities or campaigns, including fundraising events, or any other form of partnership or association with any of the aforementioned brands must be signed off by the fundraising team at Dementia Australia prior to release. Failure to do so could result in legal action. 
  5. The fundraising team may be able to assist me with social and/or traditional media for my event if I give them sufficient time and information. 
  6. The fundraising team are there to help me maximise my fundraising efforts and that I can contact them for support/advice. 
  7. Expenses incurred in running my fundraising event are not to be taken from funds raised for Dementia Australia without prior discussion and approval in writing from the fundraising team. 
  8. The monies raised need to be remitted to Dementia Australia within 30 days following the end of the event, except with the prior approval of the fundraising team. 
  9. Total income and expenditure for the event should be submitted along with a cheque, money order or direct deposit for the funds raised using my ‘Submit your Funds’ form. Cheques or money orders are to be payable to Dementia Australia and sent to:

    Cuppa Time Team 
    Dementia Australia
    Building 21, 120 Coxs Road
    NSW 2113 

  10. Dementia Australia bears no responsibility for the management or conduct of the fundraising event/activity I organise. 
  11. It is my responsibility to conduct the fundraising event in accordance with these terms and conditions and in a manner which upholds the integrity, professionalism, mission and vision of Dementia Australia. 
  12. I may be asked to provide photos, videos, estimated participant numbers and testimonials about my fundraising event to encourage others to run similar events/activities. 
  13. Anything of the above nature provided to the fundraising team is my responsibility. Dementia Australia accepts no responsibility for quotes, figures, videos, photos or other information published, used in marketing materials or similar that I have provided. 
  14. It is my responsibility to notify the fundraising team if the details of my fundraising event/activity change. 
  15. If I am participating in fundraising on behalf of an organisation or group, I also understand and agree that: 
  16. I understand that my registration pack, or any other printed materials, will not be posted outside of Australia.
  17. Hosting or participating in a fundraising event in no way constitutes a partnership between my organisation or group and Dementia Australia, or sponsorship of any sub-brands of Dementia Australia, and that no statement suggesting this can be published in any way or in any form without the prior written permission of the fundraising team. 
  18. My organisational logo must not be placed alongside the Dementia Australia logo or any sub-brand logos in a way that could be misinterpreted as sponsorship or partnership. 
  19. I will speak to the fundraising team and obtain written approval before any local sponsors for my event are confirmed to ensure appropriateness of the brand alignment, and particularly to ensure I understand fully how I can/can’t use my sponsors’ logos in association with the event. 
  20. I need to seek advice and written permission from the fundraising team about the name for my fundraising event before it is announced, if it includes mention of Dementia Australia and/or any sub-brand. Failure to do so could result in legal action.