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Hello reader! I’m hosting Cuppa's to raise funds for all people living with dementia!

From August through to late October, I will be hosting a Cuppa every week to raise funds and awareness to support people with dementia. 

My loving Baba Ruza has been diagnosed with dementia for many years and inspired my efforts to hopefully contribute greatly to Cuppa Time this year. She is kind, genuine, funny, and has the biggest smile whenever she laughs. 

Since I was young she has inspired me to cook, as we would always eat sandwiches in the sunny room every lunchtime, and is the reason I love sandwiches. 

If you love to bake, eat baked treats with a cup of tea or coffee, and spend those lovely moments with your family, please consider helping out by donating above. 

I am also selling baked goods at UOW Campus each week, visit @fairieseatflowers on Instagram for specific dates coming soon!

Please make a donation if you can to support my efforts and help me reach my goal to beat dementia. Your help is necessary for dementia awareness, research, support, and hopefully cure.

All funds raised will support the work of Dementia Australia to provide vital support services for people living with dementia, their families, and carers. These services include counseling, support groups, education, and training.

Thank you for your support! It truly means the world.

Warm hugs

Alana <3333>

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OFFICAL DATE! On Thursday August 24th, visit my Cuppa Time Bake Sale!

Tuesday 22nd Aug
This August 24th {This Thursday!}, fnd me and my bake creations at my first ever bake sale!!! Ahhhhh isn’t this so exciting!! If you’ve been following @fairieseatflowers on Instagram for a while or even if you have not, I know we both share my joy and warmth to this new venture and offical day of fundraising. I’ll be featuring some new bakes I haven’t shared to you all yet, my… ✿ new york style dark and milk chocolate chunk & sea salt cookies ✿ orange and olive oil cake {remember my lemon curd and olive oil cake? this will be a new citrus to add} ✿ sponge chiffon w creme patisserie, whipped chantilly cream & dark choc ganache and last to the featured 👇 ✿ sponge chiffon w fluffy meringue, raspberry whipped cream & passionfruit ganache I am so excited for you all to hopefully come taste my creations in person. to be honest I am petrified to hear the response, but can’t wait for the first of even more bake sales. 100% of all proceeds are going towards this Cuppa Time for Dementia Australia page to raise awareness and funds to better the lives of those which have dementia, their families, disease research and much more. Please donate if you can at the moment if you are unable to visit my bake sale in person. It would mean a tremendous amount to me. I know it will impact the lives of many Australians greatly. Thank you fairy friends 🫶 Alana :)))))

Thank you to my Sponsors


From Alana - August 24th Bake Sale!

We raised $135.40 in my first ever bake sale! I am so incredibly proud and grateful for everyone that bought bakes and donated extra funds towards the fundraiser! Feeling so happy and thankful.


Mirjana Tudzarov

Dementia is part of so many families, sadly. Seeing my mother suffer hurts deeply, luckily she still recognises me, my brothers and the dearest to her. We all learn to deal with change and make sure she is comfortable. I'm so proud to be your aunt Alana, your selfless, inspirational and so thoughtful. Your support to Dementia Australia is highly needed.❤️❤️❤️


Alana Todorovski

I’d love to help the research into dementia and to support people with dementia and their families through every day life.


Eliza Berrell

My Grandad had dementia so this feels close to home, you’re a beautiful soul for supporting it 🫶🏼